Wrap-Up July 2016

Monthly Wrap-Up

Oops, this one is a little late – sorry! But I did have a really good reading month during July.

Here’s the books I’ve read:


Billy and Me: 4/5

Foxglove Summer: 4/5

Always With Love: 4/5

Deathly Hallows: 5/5 (re-read)

White Storm: 4/5

Cursed Child: 4/5

I found an author (Giovanna Fletcher) whose books I enjoyed, so I whizzed through those books; I’ve caught up with the Peter Grant series and there was the 8th Harry Potter story, so naturally I read that one in a couple of hours (after waiting all day for it to be delivered – it turned up at 6:15pm, I was not happy!) I’ve also had some extra reading time as I’m off work until September, so I can read late into to night without having to worry about getting up early in the morning.


I participated in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, in which I smashed my target. I originally aimed to write 5,000 words, but upped it to 10,000. I ended up with a total of 18,000. I also managed to finish the first draft of my manuscript, which was my main aim of camp.



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