Wrap-Up August 2016

Monthly Wrap-Up


Yet again another month where I wonder where the time has gone! I’m now back at work and am not entirely sure that I actually had a six week holiday, although I’m happy to be back to normality… well as normal as working in a school can be!

So here are the books I’ve read during August:

So six books in total which makes it a good reading month, helped by the fact I had more time to read and that I could stay up later at night to one more chapter… or two… or three. Two of these books (The Book Thief and D4rk Inside) were read as part of the UK Travelling Book Project. The Book Thief was a reread this month.


The Hidden Oracle: 4/5

The Book Thief: 5/5

On The Other Side: 4/5

Ice Like Fire: 4/5

D4rk Inside: 4/5

Nevernight: 5/5

Some great books this month, and I’m now 4 books ahead of schedule in my Goodreads challenge!


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