WoW: Winter’s Snow



I really enjoyed Carrie Hope Fletcher’s debut novel On The Other Side, so when she announced that she was releasing a novella based on this story, well it didn’t take me long to pre-order it.

This novella, which is a Waterstone’s exclusive, focuses on the character of Vincent Winter, who in my opinion got a bit of a rough deal in the original story. There was the unanswered question in the novel of what Vincent had to do to reach his own personal heaven, and this novella promises to answer this question.


winters-snow“Prove yourself worthy.
Prove yourself true.
Fight like you didn’t
and she’ll come to you.”

Carrie Hope Fletcher reprises the two central characters from her internationally bestselling otherworldly romance novel, On The Other Side. In this linked novella, readers can discover more of the supernatural world that Evie Snow and Vincent Winter inhabit, where death is never where the story ends.

In this continuation of the tale, readers will gain new insight into Vincent’s character and the love he has for Evie. They will also finally get an answer to the question raised in the novel regarding how Vincent ended up in his own personal heaven.

As readers of the novel already know, Evie was the love of Vincent’s life; in fact, she was the love of every lifetime he would ever live. Though he never stopped loving her, and he certainly could never forget her, events conspired to separate the two lovers.

Now, Vincent has the chance to make right a mistake from his past and to potentially alter the course of events in his and Evie’s favour. While doing so, he realises he has embarked on a journey that will teach him all about love, life and humanity; but one thing he does not know for sure is whether it will lead him back to the only woman he every loved.


Released: 15th November 2016


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