Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2017


This month’s reading felt like a slow reading month. I read 4 books in May, but I’m still 8 books ahead in my Goodreads reading challenge so at least I’ve still got a good pace going.

So here are the books I read last month:


The Scarecrow Queen: 4/5

A Court of Wings and Ruin: 4/5

Beauty & the Beast: Lost in a Book: 3/5

The Battlemage: 4/5

Three of these books were the final books in their trilogies. They were all great endings and I can’t wait to see what comes next especially from Melinda Salisbury and Taran Matharu. I will definitely be looking out for their next published books.

ACOWAR took a long time to read – nearly two weeks! It wasn’t as though I wasn’t enjoying the book – in fact I very much enjoyed it – it was just so long. I was also a bit disappointed by the lack of some characters, but Sarah J. Maas is writing more books set in this world, so they may appear again in the future.

I did find Lost in a Book to be a bit underwhelming. I love Beauty and the Beast – I saw the new film twice in one weekend – so was excited to read this book. Although it’s aimed for a YA audience, it read as though it was for a younger age range. But it was quite a delightful story and gave the Beast a bit more development, which added to the film.

Yesterday, I found out some exciting news – Waterstones is opening a store in my town! My town used to have a Waterstones several years ago, but the recession happened and HMV went into the unit instead. HMV didn’t stay for long, then after years of being empty, a 99p store went into the unit, which converted into a pound shop, and then that shut down! Maybe Waterstones is going back where it belongs 🙂 During the past several years, we have had W H Smiths, but I find that the range of books is quite small, as well as the books being mistreated (I like my new books to be immaculate) and shelved in the wrong places. It looks like it’s early days, but I’m glad to have a decent bookshop back in my town again!


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