Friday Fave

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We all love talking about our favourite books and so I’m planning to host a weekly feature/meme called Friday Fave as I thought that this would be a great way to share this with other bloggers, especially for those who may be a little short of time.


The idea behind Friday Fave is that there is a list of topics, which I will list on a separate page on my blog, and each week I will share a favourite book corresponding with this topic for that date. I’m aiming to do themes according to the time of the year. Some of these themes will be reoccurring so you don’t have to pick an absolute fave as well as accounting for the fact that our faves change over time.

So what I’m doing is inviting others to join in with the fun! This can be flexible, so you can join in when you want as well as not limiting yourself to just one fave – you can pick several if you wish! And feel free to put a spin on the week’s topic.


All I ask is you give me credit in your post, and send me a link as I want to see your Friday Faves!


Next week’s topic (which is the first one and I plan for this to be a reoccurring topic) is a childhood favourite. This will be on 9th June 2017.


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