Friday Fave: Childhood Favourite #01

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It would be so tempting to put Harry Potter since it has shaped me so much, but I thought that would be too obvious.

So instead, I thought I would focus on another series that I was obsessed with: The Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels (the author’s name a pseudonym as the series was written by a variety of authors).

The series centres around Mandy Hope, the daughter of vets, and her best friend James. They help animals in trouble with the help of people in the village in which they live. Animal Ark, the title of the series, is the name of the veterinary practice where Mandy lives. It has been adapted into a television series.

A quick search on Google tells me that 62 books were published for this series, some of these being holiday specials as well. However I did not read all of them, mostly because my school library only had a dozen of them at the most.

For an animal mad child like myself, I couldn’t get enough of these books. I would read one of them in an evening to return the book back to my school library the next day.

They had a good message to children, showing them how to treat animals correctly as well as the main characters of Mandy and James showing how to be caring, helpful and respectful to both animals and people.

What amused me the most about these books is that there tended to be alliteration in the title eg. Pony in the Porch, Goat in the Garden, Bunnies in the Bathroom.

I’ve just remembered that when I was in primary school, one of our art projects was to copy a book cover and I chose Calf in the Cottage. You know what, I was rather proud of that painting.


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