TBR Thursday: The Witch of Salt and Storm

TBR Thursday

I have a bit of a TBR problem: my TBR pile is huge. If I stacked all the books up, it would probably be taller than me. So I thought that every Thursday I would feature a book that is on my pile and a reason as to why I got it in the first place. I should have plenty to last me quite a few weeks!

Feel free to join in with your own TBRs!

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My Spring TBR


Last month, I decided to have a re-jig of my room, buying new furniture for it, including a tall book shelf. It was quite a mammoth task, especially since I had piles of books around my room, including about three waist high piles on the floor. Some of these had been read while others were waiting to be read. I had a good old sort through, donating books to charity shops that I either wasn’t going to read again or no longer had any interest in reading, which actually slimmed down my TBR piles by quite a bit.

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